Tuesday, 11 November 2014

By Sea Or Sword Playlist - Part One

Seeing what people choose to write to, music or otherwise, is one of my favourite things, so I thought I'd share my mishmash of a playlist. Some people can only write to instrumentals, but I can write to the dulcet tones of my boyfriend snoring, and my playlist reflects an odd assortment of things that have inspired me.

And, while it's hard to imagine where I would be without the Lord of the Rings soundtrack (I think Howard Shore has done more for my writing than coffee has, and that's saying a lot), I have sung of my love for the LOTR soundtrack from every available rooftop, so I thought I'd share the OTHER songs that help me weave magic (hopefully). But in all honesty, many a chapter has been written while "Beyond the Forest" from The Desolation of Smaug soundtrack played over and over again in the background. 

For hours. 

By Sea or Sword is an epic fantasy that includes pirates, sea serpents, a ban on magic, individuals who flout the ban, thieves, deception and disguise and two main characters who have more in common than they'd like to believe.

1. Great Big Sea - The River Driver

Pretty self-explanatory. Great Big Sea is, well, great for maritime inspired songs that resemble sea shanties, which are a must for my pirate fantasy. If you're Canadian and you don't love GBS, you might get deported.

2. Jake Bugg - Simple As This

I'm in love with Jake Bugg's voice, it's as simple as that (see what I did there?) No but seriously, it's pretty easy for me to imagine the first line as "I've been in search of storms" instead of "stones," to make it ever more relevant to my story.

3. Steeleye Span - King Henry

Weirdly it was my sixteen year old brother who got me into Steeleye Span, and english folk band formed in 1969, and I am thankful for it. 

4. Vandaveer - A Mighty Leviathan Of Old

Aside from the fact that my book does in fact deal with a mighty leviathan of old, I just love this band and song.

5. Woodkid - Iron (Quintet Version)

Woodkid could very well write the soundtrack to the movie adaptation of my as of yet unreleased (and possibly never released) book. He speaks to me on a deep level. "Deep in the ocean, dead and cast away..." could it get more relevant?

6. The Lake Poets - With Me

I may have a thing for British boys who sing. 

7. Prologue - Beauty and the Beast Soundtrack 

Long ago I bought a Disney soundtrack that had the instrumental version of this song, and I have since played it incessantly. 

8. Passacaglia - Bear McCreary

Battlestar Galactica is one of the greatest shows EVER and if you haven't seen it, I actually envy you because you get to watch it from the beginning without knowing what's coming and I'll never be able to do that again, unless I come down with amnesia in which case please make sure I watch Battlestar. Bear McCreary is nothing short of a genius in my opinion.

9. Stan Rogers - Northwest Passage

Stan Rogers was taken from us far too soon. Thankfully, we have songs like this to remind us of his brilliance. This song is super relevant to my plot, but even if it wasn't it would be on this list.

10. Laurel - Next Time

This is a beautiful song, and I don't normally go in for beautiful songs sung by ethereally beautiful female voices (I know, there's something wrong with me). But there's also an undercurrent of darkness (that maybe only I can hear?) but regardless, I play this one A LOT.

I didn't intend for this to be a multiple-part post, but once I started I got a little excited/carried away. Here are the first ten songs from my playlist, I will post the rest at a later date.

Do you like to create playlists for writing? What do you listen to when you write? I'm always on the lookout for more songs to put on repeat endlessly, so please let me know!